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The Sacred Pinecone

The Sacred Pinecone

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The Sacred Pinecone

  • Ring Design: The center inlay of this design is a unique type of pinecone found in the high cascades. Pinescones have been a symbol of human enlightenment, regeneration, resurrection, and eternal life in human history. 

  • Band Material/Ring Dimensions: The band on this design is carbon fiber and is handmade on a manual lathe. The width of this design is 8.5mm wide. I can make any size you need but the set sizes are in quarter sizes from 4-17. If a smaller or larger size is needed, select the option (custom size) please put your request in the customization/special notes.

  • Customization: Each ring is made to order and almost all inlays are customizable depending on design. When ordering, you can change the antler species, wood or even precious metals. We use our antler for every antler ring, however if you have an antler that is sentimental to you, we can also use that. If you choose to send in your own antler, select (sending own antler) under the antler species options. If we do not have the option you have in mind, please reach out to me (Stephen 541-414-7938) or leave a note in the customization/special notes. Every ring is custom made for you. All sales final.

  • Naturally sourced materials
  • Handmade by one and only one artist in the USA, by yours truly!
  • Made by an outdoors-man for the outdoors-men.
  • Largest selection of antler species on the market.
  • One of a kind original designs
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