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That Bad B!#€%

That Bad B!#€%

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That Bad B!#€% is the name of this beauty! This name may offend some and if it does, this ring isn’t for you. If you’re offended by this name, my guess is that you drive alone with your mask on. This design is made for those Bad Ass girls who keep up with the boys and even leave some of them in the dust! The girls who pack in miles up on miles investing countless days and hours into their hunts. The ones who truly have a passion for the outdoors. They’re adventurous, unstoppable and unafraid of what lies beyond that next ridge . These women are few and far between but when you meet one, you know and will always remember them. This design is made from Exotic Ebony Wood, Rocky Mountain Elk Antler or your Antler of choice. Elk Ivory and Pink Opal share the center to make this piece pop! Made to order in sizes 4-17.  For bigger or smaller sizes call at 541-414-7938 (Stephen).

Women's antler wedding rings offer a unique blend of natural elegance and rustic charm, celebrating both femininity and the untamed beauty of the wild.

Join Rogue Antler in celebrating your journey with an antler ring that not only captures your unique bond but also represents the authenticity of a handmade masterpiece from the heart of an artist. All sales final.

*Ring Pictured Has Selected Options: Exotic Ebony Wood, Dark Antler, & Elk Ivory/Pink Opal

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