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Rogue Antler Arts

Rogue Antler Pendant/Cremation Pendant

Rogue Antler Pendant/Cremation Pendant

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(Adding ashes is optional) (Pendant pictured in front has pearl, pink opal and pearl selected as the options)

These pendants are a product I have wanted to create for a very long time. When I was just 15, my brother and I lost our mom to breast cancer. When i first began my business, I had the idea to make a ring with my mom’s ashes in it. When I developed my skills to where I felt they were good enough, I did just that. I wear that ring everyday and know my mom is always with me.

Well it turns out not everyone needs a ring so that is why I created this pendant. It can be used on a necklace, a bracelet or something you hang on the mirror in your truck. Maybe even a good luck charm when you go hunting or fishing. I also thought these pendants would be cool to match your husband’s ring, your ring or maybe even an outfit you love to wear. If you would like to match a ring design I have on my website and are unable to create it using my layout, feel free to text me (Stephen) with any questions. 541-414-7938

When ordering, you will be given an option for the left inlay, center inlay and right inlay. There are many options to choose from. Almost any antler species you can think of, many species of wood, types of precious stones like turquoise and much more. 

The core that comes with this pendant is silver. There are options to upgrade your pendant core to yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or platinum. 

This is a new product so I don’t have photos I can show you to reference what the inlay will look like other than my ring photos. If you go on my instagram @Rogue_Antler_Arts you can find the most pictures of my work. 

When sending ashes, I only need the most subtle pinch. Just enough to put under the inlay so you know it is in there. Send your ashes to me at :

Rogue Antler Arts LLC 

6416 Rogue River Dr.

Shady Cove, OR 97539 

I hope I answered all of your questions, if not please feel free to call, text or message me on Facebook, Instagram or my personal page. 


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