To ensure a proper fit, please use these measurements as a guide. If you do not understand them, your Jeweler will.
If you have a ring that fits and is about the width of my rings (8-8.5mm), all you need to do is get the inside diameter measurement from your Jeweler or on your own if you have calipers. It is extremely important to get the inside measurement as a lot of Jewelry stores have inexperienced people sizing customers. Many use cheap sizing bands from China not allowing for an accurate fit.

If you are starting from scratch, I recommend you select the option under sizes (send ring sizers first) when placing your order. I will send sizing bands free of charge with a return label in the package. This is the best way for an exact fit.

Please keep in mind I cannot make my rings smaller, however, I can machine them up a half size to a full size bigger. I charge $50 for the machine work because I have provided exact measurements and also the option to use my sizing bands.

Q: How should the sizing bands fit?
You want your band snug enough that you cannot fling it off, but tight enough that someone else cannot pull it off of your finger when your fingers are straight. Take the one you think fits best off of the cable and wear it for a day or two. Switch them around and find the fit you like.

For women's rings, please tell your jeweler the width you need to be sized for.
Women's sizes, if not a wider design, are 4-4.5 millimeters 
The Huntress is right around 2.5 millimeters wide and is my most narrow band. 
You also can select the (send sizing bands) option.

When you have figured out your size, text the size to me along with the name on your order your and order date. 541-414-7938 

My website has 1/4 sizes from 4-17. However I can make any size from 1-30, quarter sizes and anything in-between. If the size you would like is not on my website as an option, please contact me (Stephen).  
If you have any other questions regarding sizing or anything else. Feel free to give me a call. A text message is best if I do not answer. I usually have machines going and am unable to hear my phone. Thank you, and I hope this is enough information to answer all of your questions. 

Sincerely, Stephen @ Rogue Antler Arts LLC

This is a ring for my newborn that I made to show how small I can make my rings.

 This is a size 30.5 on a size 9 finger to show how big I can make them.