Please, if you see this, contact me by phone or text for any questions. It's the most efficient way to reach me! 
Stephen (541)-414-7938
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How long does it take me to receive my ring after I order?
A. My shipping times fluctuate depending on the amount of orders I receive. I do my best to have your ring made and shipped as soon as possible. At the moment I am 12 weeks out. Typically i am around 14-16 weeks out. Please remember my lead time when your order. My updated lead time only reflects on the orders that are placed now. Today's date 5-21-24.
This lead time is estimated and can be longer or less by up to 2 weeks either direction depending on equipment and materials etc... Please, please plan ahead. I am an individual Artist, not a large manufacturer. I wish to remain this way so that my rings are something unique and not everyone has. If you just discovered my work and your date is before my Regular Order lead time, I created a Rush option just for you. When placing your order you will be given the mandatory option to pick, Regular Order or Rush Order.
Also a Rush can be placed after the order is made. To Rush your order, please search Rush in the search bar and place it in your cart like a product. The rush order fee is $99. Rush Orders do not effect regular orders as I do them on the weekends. Rush orders typically can be on your doorstep within 4-5 weeks. If you haven't Rushed your order, it will be made in the order it was received. If my lead time is past your wedding date and you do not choose to rush. Please plan to purchase a temporary band for your ceremony. You will receive a message when you order saying 3-5 days shipping. This is because of the type of shipping I have entered in the computer. This is only a confirmation and does not reflect my actual lead time. When your order is shipped you will receive an email giving you your tracking number on your package. I also have created a Super Rush option for those of you who just discovered me on very short notice. 


Q: Are they water resistant. 

A: Yes, you do not have to take my rings off when showering, washing hands etc...

Q: What is the difference between Antler species color and look?

A: Rocky Mountain Elk, Roosevelt Elk, Tule Elk and Redstag are all the same. It's really just preference. I look for a peice that matches the design chosen or color requested. Whitetail, Mule Deer, Blacktail and Caribou are similar and have more of a solid white to ivory color. Moose tends to have a more ivory yellow tint but whiter pieces can be found. 


Q: Do you only make sizes 4-17?

A: I can make any size you request. 4-17 is just an average setting I have come up with for my website.

If you want a smaller or larger size please put it in the notes and give me a call 541-414-7938. It will make you pick a size to complete the order just pick 6, continue and call me.

Q: Can I use my own Antler or Ivory?

A: You can send me your own Antler or Ivory. The Antler has to be at least 1/8 of an inch bigger than the ring size desired. The process use to inlay ivory requires me to crush it. Look up my ring style (The Colorado) to see what a crushed ivory inlay looks like.

Q:Where do I send my Antler or Ivory?

A:  Rogue Antler Arts LLC 

6416 Rogue River Dr. 

Shady Cove, OR 97539


Q: Do you ship overseas?

A: Yes!


Q: Do you make the rings?

A: Yes, I make all the rings by hand. So everything you get is made by me!


Q:  How durable are the rings? If mine breaks, do you do repairs or exchanges?

A:  All my rings are durable and can remain beautiful for a long time... If there is a manufacturing malfunction with my ring, I will fix it for free. This does not include sizing. I make the size you order to exact international standards. Depending on the nature of the repair, there may be a small fee. My bands are specially designed so that if the finish is ruined I can put it on my machine, take the finish off and make it brand new again. I charge $25 for refinishing. If your finish begins to lift, please stop wearing your ring and contact me. If you keep wearing your ring to long after and water gets under the finish, the cost of your ring repair will be much more. It is important to wear a silicone band when being rough on your hands. I have been doing this about 10 years and have had less than 10 bands come back for a refinish out of thousands. Every single band that has come back was fixable and made brand new again

 Cautions: It is recommended to take them off when lifting weights as the diamond pattern on the bars could damage your finish with enough force. Carrying heavy rock or jagged metals is not recommended. Silicon bands are recommended for labor intensive activities or jobs. Please be cautious of acetone, break cleaner, paint thinners and excessive use of hand sanitizer. Please do not let these statements make you think they are not durable. I have had soldiers return from Afghanistan telling me how incredible well they are holding up.  

Q:  If I send you my antler does it make the ring cheaper!

A:  My price is based on time and labor put into my rings. So sending me your Antler does not qualify for a discount, It actually adds more work for me. If you have an antler that is sentimental, i am willing to make something special for you! I do not mind making your ring that much more special. Please contact me to find out if dimensions and grade of antler meet the requirements.

Q: Do you use different metals other than titanium? Can my ring be cut off in an emergency? 

A: I use a special grade titanium that is extremely strong but soft enough it can be cut off in an emergency situation. I do not use tungsten carbide as it shatters way to easily. I use titanium because 99% of people are not allergic to it. I can use all precious metals. Gold, Platinum, Silver, Rose Gold etc...

Q: Do you have a black metal!

A: I now offer Zirc/Ti. Zirc/Ti is a blend of Titanium and Zirconium. These two together create and incredible scratch resistant coating when heat treated. When heat treated these two metals sweat or bleed a ceramic coating. If you would like a design i have that doesn’t have a black titanium option. Please contact me to see if it is possible. When ordering a ring with this metal, it is imperative that you use our sizing bands. Because this metal is heat treated, it cannot be resized without losing the black color on the inside of your band. The reason for this is that the elements inlaid cannot withstand the 550° it takes to get the color change. Therefore proper, sizing it extremely important. 

Q: Do you do engravings.

We do not offer engraving services but any big jeweler should be able to engrave your band. 

Q: How durable is carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber is very strong and extremely lightweight but is not as durable or titanium. It cannot be re finished in most cases. These bands were designed for emergency personal because they be cut of in the case of an emergency. Carbon fiber also cannot be engraved. 

Q: Will my ring look exactly like the picture?

A: All my rings are different and there are no two alike. However, I have made all my rings hundreds of times. Antlers come in many colors from a white to a gray to an ivory! I do my best to match the picture. I have not had one complaint about the quality of my work or product received. Not one! 

Q:What if I do not receive my package?

A: I ship all my rings to the address I am given. Please double check your PayPal and all other accounts to ensure your address is correct. If your package is delivered to the address I am given, I am no longer liable for the package. If you would like insurance added to your order shipment, please contact me ahead of time. (Stephen@541-414-7938) Additional fees may apply.

Beyond this I feel really bad but I work very hard making my rings. I understand your frustration but my blood sweat and tears go into every ring. If you do not have a safe mailbox, please ask a friend or someone who does if the ring can be shipped to their address. 

Q:  How do I know what size to order?  What if my ring doesn't fit?

A: (Please See Sizing Tab) My bands cannot be made smaller do to the nature of the materials. I can however machine them up to a size and a half bigger. This is why it is extremely important that you get your finger sized by more than one professional jeweler. I charge $50 for the machine work after the ring is made. I do not do exchanges or refunds.