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The Savage Outdoorsman Carbon Fiber Edition


The Savage Outdoorsman Carbon Fiber Edition is made out of the highest quality Antler I have. The Antler pieces are pieces I have set aside over the years because of the extreme quality. The center inlay is Crushed Elk Ivory and Gold Nuggets, giving it that Quarts and Gold Rock look. The band is Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber. I named this design “The Savage Outdoorsman” because if you know anything about an avid Elk Hunter, you know the effort,  time, and dedication involved. Some of these hunters start conditioning months ahead time. Some stay in the woods weeks on end. Other pack in on mules in some of the  fiercest  weather conditions miles and mile from anything. Some go years without filling their tag but their dedication seems to always pay off. These hunter become one with their surroundings, giving this ring its name. My greatest respect goes to the Men and Woman who take on this challenge. This design can be made with your own ivories or Antler if you would like. If you chose to send in your own material please put in the notes by clicking the customization box, that you are sending your own Antler or Ivory. Please send the Material to:

Rogue Antler Arts LLC 

6416 Rogue River Dr.

Shady Cove, OR 97539

For any other questions feel free to text or call me (Stephen) It is the most efficient way to reach me. Millimeter width varies depending on size of ring. Antler may be from a darker to a gray. Bands can be made in sizes 6-15. If a bigger or smaller size is needed please email me.  All sales final.

Antler Rings