Antler Rings
  • The High Ball Wetlands Camo Edition


    This design reminds me of duck hunting! It is made out grass I hand cut. The grass is from my favorite duck hunting spots where I used to go with my grandfather as a kid. The black inlays are 4000 year old bog oak. It comes from a friend of mine in Iowa where it laid in a bog untouched until 2018. The gold in this design comes from Alaska and from the mines you may see on tv. The band is hand machined titanium by me, sandblasted to give the metal a darker look!

     This design has “high ball” in the name because In duck calling, a high ball is a loud series of ringing quacks blown one after the other. This call, which is also known as a hail call, is used to catch the attention of ducks that are far away kinda like the one you thought you’d never find 😉. The ring in this photo is also the wedding band I designed for myself! 

    For any other questions feel free to text or call me (Stephen) 541-414-7938 It is the most efficient way to reach me. Millimeter width varies depending on size of ring. Bands can be made in sizes 6-15. If a bigger or smaller size is needed please email me.  All sales final.

    Antler Rings