Antler Rings

The California Kid


The California Kid is made out of beautiful Redwood Burl from the Coast of California. It also features Roosevelt Elk Antler Inlay or your species of choice.  

A titanium band is added for strength and durability. All the elements come from the West Coast giving this stunning ring it's name. 

This ring however can be made with 13 different Antler inlay options. The inlay in the photo is Roosevelt Elk. Elk species and Red Stag have similar coloring. All other species are more of a white to ivory color. There is also a Petrified Deer Antler option and the color of that inlay is more of a Black. Millimeter varies depending on the size of the ring. Average Size is around 8mm. Rings can be made in sizes 6-15 If a bigger or smaller size is needed please contact me (Stephen) @ 541-414-7938 All sales final. 

Antler Rings