Antler Rings

Gift Certificate

I created the gift certificate for many reasons. Through my experience, so many people want to buy their other half a ring. A lot of parents want to pay for their child’s wedding band or even a class ring! The problem is, they do not know their size or which design they would prefer most. I also have new designs pop up all time.

I am back ordered year round and my lead time fluctuates. The gift certificate saves your place in line. If I have not heard from you when I reach your certificate, I will contact you. Please leave a valid phone number for me to call. This gift certificate can also be used for custom designs up to the value of the purchase. 

If you are the recipient of the certificate, please text or call me (Stephen 541-414-7938) after you figure out which design you would like. The order number is your certificate. All sales final. 
Antler Rings