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To ensure a proper fit, please use these measurements as a guide. If you do not understand them, your Jeweler will.

(If you have a ring that fits and is about the width of my rings, all you need to do is get the inside diameter from your Jeweler.)

The first step is to determine the aproxamite width of the band you would like to order. You can call or text me (Stephen) at 541-414-7938 to get the exact millimeter width for your ring size. I will leave an average millimeters width at the bottom of the page and also a condensed version of these steps. Once you have established an approximate width, you will ask your Jeweler to size you in that width of band. The reason for this is that wider bands fit tighter. For instance, if you’re a size 10 in a narrow band, you may be an 11 in a wider band.  They will ask you if it will be a standard or a comfort fit band. My bands are a standard fit but i machine them to be a semi comfort fit. I personally find them much more comfortable than a full comfort fit. 

DO NOT! I REPEAT! DO NOT GET SIZED WITH SIZING BANDS. Most sizing bands are for a rough measurement. A lot of them are flat pieces of metal contoured and welded together. This causes an oval effect and can throw the inside diameter off, causing your ring not to fit properly. Once you and your Jeweler have found a ring that fits properly, you will then ask for the inside diameter measurement. The chart contains millimeter and Inch scale measurements. At this point, either you, or your Jeweler can determine the correct size using the chart provided above. 

Q: What if it is a gift and I want it to stay a secret, how do I get the size?

A: If you’re lucky, they will have a ring that already fits them. You can lay the ring sideways on a ruler, so that the band is perfectly centered on the edge. Line the inside center point up with the inch line. I have found it is easiest to use the 2” mark as as a starting point so that you’re not fighting the ring from falling off of the end of your ruler. Once you have established your starting point, hold the ring on zero and rotate the other side until the widest point is found. You can go into google and convert that number to a decimal inch measurement or mm. Then match your number with the chart. 

If you do not have ring to go off of, there are inexpensive plastic ring sizers you can order for under $5. Here is a link to a distributor. 

When they fall sound asleep is a good time if they are a heavy sleeper. If they aren’t you can always say that the measurement if for something else. Use your imagination. When you get the size use the ruler technique. This measurement may not be exact do to plastic not being perfectly round. I cannot make my bands smaller. However I can machined them up half size to a size bigger. I charge $50 for the machine work because I have provided exact measurements. If you order incorrectly, that is not my fault but I can make them bigger so you’re in luck. 

Condensed Step

1) Determine band width.

2) Get sized for a ring in that width. (Do not use sizing band) 

3) Get the inside diameter from your Jeweler and match it to the chart. 

4) Place your order with correct size. 

You can always order and get the size later as well. 

Here are the millimeter widths from 6-19.5.


6-9.5 are 8.5 millimeters wide. 

10-19.5 are 9 millimeters wide.

Womans sizes if not a wider design, are typically 4-4.5 millimeters 

The Huntress is right around 2.5 millimeters wide and is my most narrow band. 

If you have any other questions regarding sizing or anything else. Feel free to give me a call. A text message is best because I usually have machine going and am unable to here my phone. Thank you and I hope this is enough information to get the ball rolling. 

Sincerely, Stephen @ Rogue Antler Arts LLC

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